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I haven't shared the vegan/ethical fashion love lately.  As you know, I have essentially no regular schedule for the blog and everything is done on an as-needed as-wanted basis so you will have to live your days fully unprepared for when I'm about to share links.  Good luck.  Also know that I stole every single picture in this post from the vendor profiled.

If you are a dude, or you know fancy dudes, you might be interested in the Discerning Brute's SS14 NYFW show.  Lots of nicely-fitted attractive suits, straw hats and shoes.  The line is called Brave Gentelman and the majority is made in the US (while the balance is made in Portugal).  While I'm not an "ethically handsome man" I wonder if I could fit myself into their well-tailored pants?  (In the least sexual-innuendo way.)

db pants

This one is old but I still wanted to mention it.  Beyond Skin did a fully funded Kickstarter to create a less expensive diffusion line.  Beyond Skin is not only a vegan brand but also has decent labor standards (were manufacturing in Camden, now manufacturing in Spain). I'm writing about them to highlight the brand and their efforts - and to let you know about their diffusion line, which they got funded no thanks to me.  (For full disclosure they very nicely sent me an email about the Kickstarter campaign and it promptly got buried in my email and I neglected to post about it while it was active.  Better late than never.  Apologies, Beyond Skin.)

LUPO-BLK-2T from Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin:  Lupo shoes

Pansy Maiden is back at'em.  The company's founder recently had a wee vegan baby and took a short break on the Pansy Maiden line.  Now they are back - with this great Canteen bag (it also has loops for your belt if you want to wear it as a hip bag).  20% off with BabyLove coupon code.  Pansy Maiden is one of those companies that does, like, everything humanly possible to run a business right.  I've written about them before, here

pansy maiden canteen

And that includes my share-fest for today.  Have you seen any ethically-sound companies or apparel/shoes/accessories lately that you want to share?


  1. Thanks for these links, I sometimes have difficulty not just going to the same tried and tested companies so these are brilliant. However, I am now feeling far too tempted by the slippers with horses on them from Beyond Skin. Hmmmm maybe they are an essential purchase even if we are coming into winter in Scotland!

    Steph x

    1. Oh, yeah - those are cute! They remind me of the Jordache logo (which I recall fondly).


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