It's fall, y'all! Let's get stereotypical: cape-wearing!

I know there is nothing as stereotypical as a blogger talking about fall and capes.  Except a blogger talking about fall, pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, layering and boots.  But I am willing to be a stereotype.  Because two years ago I bought a sweatshirt cape from American Apparel and I never frickin' wear it.  

I carry a ton of stuff around with me at all times which means I have a tote bag essentially welded to my shoulder during most of my daily travel time.  Coincidentally, that is also when I'd most likely be wearing a jacket (or cape).  Unless hunchback is the silhouette you're going for, a giant tote bag and a cape should never be paired Personally, I'm far too much a slave to conventional "figure flattery" to allow that to happen.  Therefore, I rarely wear the cape that I swore would be!  And I tell you this so you know that friends don't let friends who carry giant tote bags buy capes.

So - my exception! On this particular evening I had a small cross-body bag; apparently there are at least some instances in my life where I don't need to be kitted out like I'm on a wildness retreat, saddled with a giant tote.  

There is something so ridiculous about capes that I know I won't get rid of this one, despite it's rare use. I don't know if it's because they look witchy or bat-like or vaguely dramatic -- but I like them, damn it.  I just like them.

cape, leggings/American Apparel
scarf/gift from grandma
gray/black striped long-sleeve/Monk's Vintage


  1. The cape IS dramatic, and strangely feminine. I myself do not have the petite frame to wear a cape flatteringly.....but I wish I could wear a red plaid one with leather buckle do-ups on it. (i mean fasteners)

    1. I always feel like they look better on taller ladies, though! The cape you describe sounds very cute.

  2. I love capes! I don't wear them often and, in fact, I have only one at the moment (got rid of the other one because I never wore it--regrets). The one I have has wool in it :( So it's in the donation pile and I'm looking for an alternative.

    I love the idea of a sweatshirt fabric cape. I have a "hunch" that a backpack should never be worn under a cape ;)

    1. It is a super comfortable cape because of the material. Apparently they still have them - I think they went on sale at the end of last season though so the full price is a bummer.

      Hah! The backpack thing made me laugh.

  3. You know, I finally had one of those pumpkin spice coffee things ... and I didn't like it at all :-(

    So disappointing!

    1. Does this mean you're not a real blogger then? I've never had one either because apparently they can't be made vegan though this year some vegan out there with a lot of time has started a petition to enable vegan pumpkin spice lattes. I did not sign it.

  4. I love capes! I have one from the 60s (a gift from my grandmother in Germany. It's black and looks like yours! I have not done a post on it yet but was planning to this fall. When I do, it would be fun to add your photo with a link to your blog -- OK?

    Thanks a bunch!
    <3 carmen

  5. I love capes but find I never wear mine, either. There's something so impractical about it and I feel so foolish poking my arms through the holes haha


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