Gratuitous Cat Picture

Why is blogging so hard?  Just kidding.  I'm getting caught up on reading blogs and typing words and I just wanted to brag that our (aka my boyfriend's) cat was featured in Desire to Inspire design blog's Pets on Furniture round-up post!  Yes.  We have attractive pets who sit on furniture at times and I email pictures of them to Kim begging her to post them on her blog.  Thank you, Kim!

I read Desire to Inspire because I love looking at pictures of homes I can never afford and having my middle-class urban-dweller resentment offset by the Pets on Furniture feature every Monday.  It's a really nice balance to my first world problems.

You should click the Pets on Furniture link because there is also a small dog trying to climb on furniture in it -- but here is the picture I sent in of Cleo in our refurbished Eames rocker just in case you don't.  I guess this post is mildly on topic since I'm featuring a re-used piece of furniture (sort of) and this blog was originally about both ethical and sustainable housewares and clothing.

But let me be clear:  this blog is always allowed to be about cats.

photo 4.JPG

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