Vegan Style: Brooklyn Flea Dress

For the life of me I still can't get a semi-normal picture of me (or anything) in our apartment. Even fiddling around with extra lights, most pictures still look like there are tragic ghosts walking in front of me - nebulous milky ways of blur.  This is only semi-human because it involved daylight. 

photo 4.JPG 
dress/martine's dream @ brklyn flea
belt/thrift store ages ago
guest star: oneida

Ignore the fact that I am using a hair clip like it's 1980 and I've lost the will to live.  I'm aware that hair clips are like sweatpants for your hair.  That hair clip is, unfortunately, increasingly common these days.

The dress is from a stall at the Brooklyn Flea. The brand is either Martine's Dream or ililanga - because they're both on the tag.  Online it seems the main brand name is Martine's Dream.  Made in the USA.  Doesn't speak to material sourcing but at least I know the sewing labor was within the US and small business.

I've also been religiously wearing those Kandals slip ons since I purchased them.  Even when it's not really appropriate.


  1. Love this dress! It's so elegant. The pattern is amazing too. I'm always surprised at how great shirt dresses look on, especially since on the hanger, they don't look extraordinary. You wear it well!

    I wore my hair up like that (with an 80s clip) today so I cannot judge. I will say your cat is adorable, especially with the way he (or she) is looking up at you. Aww...

  2. I love this dress! How obliging of your lovely black cat to pose with you in such a manner. It's a beautiful photo.

  3. Love that baroque print or is it a woven design? I think butterfly clips are classier than full fledge banana clips, so you're good. It creates a nice 60s silhouette at any rate, especially with those glass frames.

  4. Love the dress! Love the cat! Great photo.

  5. Hey--is that the dress you got the day we met? Very nice, of course with your teen-age figure, you can wear anything and look good.

    Love how you match your cat! Very nicely coordinated.

    I remember those shoes, they look comfortable and yet stylish.

    As for the hairclip--I wear them all the time when I put my hair up, I didn't know it was out of style ;-) At any rate, I you look great with your hair up--nice profile.

    I <3 NY


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