Vegan Dry Hair Shampoo: Mullein & Sparrow

While Mullein & Sparrow is not a totally vegan brand, I learned about them at the Brooklyn Vegan Shop Up.   I almost missed this dry shampoo at their table because their table was stocked mostly with serums, oils and scrubs and I'm not a big oils-n-scrubs person so I almost skipped their table.  But I was glad I spotted the tiny dry shampoo shaker bottles at the last minute!  In the past six months  my hair has changed color (magically!) from the pitch black I used to dye it to a more natural-ish brown.  This means that the Hair Fix dry shampoo for black hair that I had was no longer appropriate and I needed a brown version.

photo 4.JPG

While I liked Hair Fix just fine, the spout bottle was a little challenging for me to use and here was an opportunity to switch over to brown and try out a shaker bottle for application instead.  Also, this version smelled like delicious cocoa.  Sold!

I like to test out things for a little while before reviewing them on the blog, just because things sometimes change with use (*cough* natural deodorants) or you learn more about them the more you use them.  I've used this dry shampoo about 10 times now so I feel confident in giving an accurate-for-me review.

The verdict:  I like it!  It is easy enough to apply.  I was afraid it'd look chalky but it doesn't.  It really does disappear into my hair and takes the dirty hair level down a notch while giving it some texture.  It's a fine powder and that helps it blend in.  It smells nice.  The only negative is that it (like the other dark hair dry hair shampoos I've used) might get on your scalp and and be somewhat noticeable.  That is only really an issue if you have a part you've accidentally doused with too much dry just don't do that.  I just avoid dry-shampooing near my part and it's a non-issue but if you have a part-heavy hairstyle (braids?), your mileage may vary.

This little bottle is $8 but it will last me a while.  If you are cash poor, avoiding plastic packaging or are more aligned with the DIY ethic than my lazy ass, there is a tutorial for dark tone dry shampoo here - involving cocoa


  1. Awesome! I just ran out of my old one and have been experimenting with my own with less than satisfying results so far. Maybe I'll try this.

  2. I used it 2 months ago, now i am using kanechom chocolate shampoo


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