Socks Alive!

I am sorry for the horrible "sakes alive!" pun for this post's title.  It will never happen again.

This post is about socks.  Part of the challenge of building an ethical wardrobe is creating variety out of pieces you already have.  Sometimes this is mixing and matching separates.  Sometimes this is different hair or makeup.  Sometimes it's about different jewelry.  And sometimes it is wearing socks, or not. 

While I originally purchased these Cri de Coeur Slims because I wanted cute, comfortable flats with cut-outs so they were summer-appropriate, I realized that I was able to wear them in cooler weather, with socks, and it changed the way they looked. 

photo 2.JPG 

I know this sounds ridiculous.  Woah, I figured out how to wear socks with my shoes.  Amazing!  And on some level it is stupidly ridiculous.  But it was also a nice reminder - albeit a reminder of the obvious - that we can wear things in ways other than we intended.  And for me, that was with socks.

Speaking of Cri de Coeur and at the risk of both sounding dramatic and (again) stupidly ridiculous:  I seriously love these CdC Josie Fisherman shoes.  I don't even know who the eff Josie Fisherman is and I don't care.  I just love those monster hybrid sandal mary janes.  They remind me of everything I loved about '90s clothing.  (And I could wear them with socks, or not.)