Oona also loves Kandals

I noted in my last post that the black slip-on canvas loafers I bought were my most-used and favorite purchase in a while.  In fact, I wish I hadn't purchased any of the other shoes I got this year and just bought these first instead.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who likes them.  If you're my instagram pal, you've seen this one already, but Oona's taken a liking to them.  To be fair, she takes a liking to any shoe and I've seen her draped over every pair I have, sometimes with her face resting inside my sneakers, all massage-table style.

oona kandals 

I figured I'd also lay out that I've basically used all my Wartime Wardrobe Challenge Rationing Coupons already, given that I ordered a Vaute Couture dress (the Kristina!) and forgot to log it since it was a pre-order and it hasn't yet been made.  So, that's the end of my coupons.

Unfortunately for me, I have a wedding coming up next month that I need a dress for so I'm going to need to do some very focused resale and vintage shopping to find a black-tie appropriate September wedding guest dress.  I have one appropriate dress already but I wore it to a wedding with the same family last year or so and it's in all the wedding pictures (like, posed family shots) so that dress is not an option.  I like how in February I really thought I'd have used like, zero coupons by August.  Wow, that wasn't overconfident or anything.


  1. Hey, Kandals are reasonably priced! That's great news.

    Most of us have so few formal occasions... do you have any friends of a similar size (and personal style) who could loan you a dress? Or is there some way you could drastically change the look of your existing dress?

    Hopefully you'll find something killer, but if not you could fall back on the old dress. I understand why you don't want to re-wear it for a similar occasion with a similar crowd, but clearly these people like you. Plus, out cultural ideas about how much clothing a person 'should' have are insane.

    You'd think we'd be MORE forgiving repeated eveningwear than casual clothes, but no. Maybe because we think that important occasions call for 'important' clothes?

    Did you ever read about George Clooney winning "best dressed man" awards multiple years--- wearing the exact same tux?


    It's framed negatively there, and I don't believe for a moment the tuxedo was actually frayed. I think Armani wanted to show a newer style. Ian wears tuxedos for work sometimes (he has a strange life), and they get dirty, but certainly not frayed.

    1. I was thinking of borrowing and the only person my size who would have formal dresses is my mother so I thought I'd ask her, although we're not really the same style. That is one of the bad parts about being a shortie.

      The current dress is this gray one (it's a "black tie preferred" situation so I just need it to be embellished enough to pass):


      And I can't do too much with that one to change it's look. I do get a lot of use out of it, though - I wore it to the wedding mentioned with that family and for a wedding with my family and then another friend's wedding as well in addition to a work holiday party amongst some other events.

      I was hoping to find a simple black understatedly embellished dress that I can get some use out of. I don't really have formal shoes any longer since I got rid of heels so I think I'm just going to go with black flats with sequined shoe clips and dark hosiery/tights, which I already have. (I'd just need to get the sequined appliques to make into shoe clips.) And I have at least 1 or 2 vintage clutches I can use.

      I do have one black tie dress that's floor-length but that's probably too much for this wedding. (It was my grandmother's.) We'll see!

  2. Haha! My mom's dog does this to shoes, too. The minute I take any pair off of my feet, he's having a love affair on the floor with them. Hilarious.

  3. It's a little embarrassing that I'm so familiar with the Chanel-esque dress, and that I remember your grandmother's evening gown without following the link. Clearly, I take your wardrobe very seriously.

    You're right, it's a might distinctive dress.

    If you can find a simpler black dress, I bet you'll get a ton of wear out of it. You look great in black, and dressy occasions have a way of springing up unannounced.

    Shoe clips! That's a great idea.

  4. Also, I saw a picture of a Teal Cat in one of your old photos and thought "well of COURSE Jesse has a Teal Cat." Such a neat project.

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who ran out of coupons. I blogged about why I shop and I did learn a lot from the challenge but I lasted only 6 months! And I'm going to Vaute in a couple of weeks. I'd never have made it. I am trying to be more aware of what I'm buying, consider sources, labor, materials more, and of course making sure it's animal-free.


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