Kickstart Nicora Johns, vegan shoes made in the USA!

Nicora Johns.  The really important and very positive thing I wanted to talk about is:  the concept of USA-made "sustainably sourced" degradable-but-durable material vegan shoes!  Doesn't it sound like a dream?  

They are having a Kickstarter campaign right now, ending on 8/18.  If you read even a small number of vegan blogs, you know this.  They are everywhere.  But they haven't made their Kickstarter goal yet so I figured I'd mention them here, too.

I really like the look of the Sallys - cute oxfords.  Cute, if not incredibly narrow.  Lucky for me, that pledge package has run out?  (The sad kind of lucky.)  I am out of Wartime Wardrobe rationing coupons anyway, I suppose.  But I really really hope they make their Kickstarter goal.  (That is the kicker about reduced consumption.  There are a lot of good small businesses I'd like to support.  And reduced consumption - while overall better for the environment, us and animals - doesn't help support businesses I'd like to succeed in place of the current behemoth ethics-less businesses.)  But maybe you need a pair of adorable oxfords, slip-ons or boots and want to contribute to their Kickstarter?

Good luck, Nicora Johns!  I hope you exist as a brand the next time I need to buy shoes!


This was originally at the top of the post but since including a clarification point made it messy, I moved it down here instead:

I wrote, "but the brand name has grown on me although I am still slightly confused by the concept of a vegan shoe brand featuring horseback-riding in its lookbook video, though;"

Via twitter, Nicora Johns explained: