Hair: Scarf Back-Roll Attempt

I have been trying to do different hair-stuff as a way to change what I look like, versus leaning on clothing for visual variety.  It's been a little slow going - the last hair thing I did was here.

I finally tried By Gum By Golly's scarf back-roll hairstyle (her tutorial here).  I doubt this was executed 100% correctly but I liked it okay.  I wanted to try this because:  a) I have been aiming to use scarves and bandanas more and b) I do not always want to have bangs.

This hairstyle wasn't as bike helmet-friendly as I'd hoped, though.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this already.  I figured I'd post it here anyway because I don't expect all blog-readers to follow me on Instagram and vice versa.


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