Flashback: Vegan Style Pinterest Boards

Okay, this isn't really a flashback but it will feel like it because everyone started using Pinterest 500 million years ago and I am just getting around to it now.  You can thank Flickr's horrifying new no one-friendly format for that.

So my seriously-2013 news is that the jesse.anne.o Pinterest boards are here - and I've been trying to keep track of most of the assumedly-fair labor and vegan apparel out there in addition to some vegan makeup and hey, hair stuff, too. 

jao pinterest

For some reason retailers make it so so hard to sort through US-made stuff.  Modcloth, for instance.  I chatted with their customer service about the appropriate search terms to use to pull up all the US-made stuff, only to have that stop working shortly thereafter.  At this point I just poke through what I like, and as I'm checking the labor details, I pin it if it's US-made or has other fair labor specifications. Why is this so hard?  There should just be a category for US-Made or Fair Labor, etc.

But!  Because it's so hard, I thought I'd make my boards public so you can benefit from my online "research".

Do you know of other similar boards that track vegan, fair labor stuff? 


  1. Uh, this is AWESOME and I am following all of your boards. Thank you for doing this! I really appreciate the fabric favorites board too - I was starting to feel all proud of myself for making my own clothes instead of buying sweatshop clothes until I realized, "Uh, I don't know where/how these textiles are made (and it's fair to assume the worst)" Spoonflower! What a great idea!

    1. I don't know about ALL of their fabric, but some of it is GOTS-certified:

      I just sent them an email to see if they have a handy cheat sheet re labor specs for all of their fabrics or if they can point out the ones with better labor standards.

      Thank you for following!

    2. I'll be interested to hear when/if/how they reply to your inquiry. I've had a Spoonflower account since Beta, both selling & buying. I know they have an organic knit that I've had a few swatches printed on, and I'd love to make something from it some day. They are a smaller business located here in NC, so all the printing definitely is done in US but not sure where they source their fabrics. Would think they would strive for local but cost might be an issue. This reminds me I have a fabric post I need to do.

      Good luck on pinterest. I tried using it but never clicked with it, basically I always forget to use it. I'm tolerating the new flickr only for like 5 - 10 min a day to help moderate w_r. Not as much community over there anymore which seems sad.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that at Ecolissa.com everything is vegan and here's a link to the Made in the USA items: http://www.ecolissa.com/Made_in_the_USA_s/145.htm
    I hope this helps!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I had a few Ecolissa things pinned but I've pinned some more and started following you as well.

  3. Hooray for pretty pictures. Double points for ethically-produced pretty pictures.

    I've had a couple of "secret boards" for a year or more, but you inspired me to come out of the Pinterest closet.


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