Cuppow! Just so you know.

I still have a lot to say, but I've had less time.  I'm struggling between thinking I'm a workafrolic or just a regular over-worked non-profit employee of the desk job variety.  I think on different days, I'd give you a different answer. I love my job and I'd still do parts of it, even if I wasn't being paid (and have in the past).  But it doesn't make it feel any less overwhelming and tiring.

Now that those pleasantries are out of the way, I thought I'd share about one of my new favorite things.  The Cuppow.  It's just a plastic lid that you insert into a canning jar that makes it into an adult sippy cup.  I never thought I'd want to carry around a glass jar but I tried it after receiving it for free and I love it.  It's super easy to clean and it doesn't retain flavors (coffee in the morning, water in the afternoon, tea later on is not a problem).  {This is not a sponsored post - I got this as a freebie in the Vida Vegan Con gift bag back in May and I've been using it since then.  You know I don't do sponsored posts, ever.}


And so far I haven't even dropped it.

How is this sustainable?  I've been through many iterations of travel mugs, all of which I've had to relegate to one specific beverage.  Klean Kanteen for water, one travel mug for tea, one travel mug for coffee, and so on because the plastic or metal retained that smell and flavor.  This does everything, which means if I have it, I always have the proper receptacle to use.  No more "I want iced tea but I just had iced coffee and I only have my coffee mug with me."  Also it grosses me out not to be able to get the lids really clean on regular travel mugs (think of the ancient soy milk remnants!) so the Cuppow solves that problem, too.

It's also a great community-builder.  Not a day goes by that someone is not wholly impressed by the Cuppow and starts talking to me about it.  Granted, I live in Brooklyn and we have a wealth of urbanites who flock to canning jars (the rustic living accoutrement poster child) like moths to flame so that might be part of it.

The only downside is that it doesn't close (but the sip hole is so small it hardly matters for me).  And while the jar is semi-insulated itself, some people might want a sleeve to help with the cold beverage condensation or warm beverage finger-burning heat.  I only drink iced coffee year round for the most part so it doesn't bother me any.


  1. Thanks for charing. That's exactly what I need. A while ago I started to drink almost everything out of a 16 oz canning jar. I like how it looks and it ensures that I drink more (of course I'm talking about non-alcoholic stuff...). With this lid I would be able to carry my new love with me all the time :-) I only have to figure out how to get one here in Germany.


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