Vegan Product Review: Merry Hempsters Tattoo Balm

When I was in Portland I got a memorial tattoo for Emmy at Scapegoat. While Scapegoat didn't sell any tattoo balm or lotion, I was surprised to hear them recommend the Merry Hempsters tattoo lotion sold next door at Food Fight vegan grocery.  Why?  I've only ever used Merry Hempsters lip balm years ago and I've never had a good experience with it.  It was waxy and chunky.  Others told me that's a sign the tube had already melted and re-solidified but that knowledge didn't inspire me to keep purchasing them.  That stoner sun on their logo mocks me when I run into their clearly-labeled-vegan lip balm, omnipresent in most vegan-friendly stores.

So imagine my trepidation at buying the recommended Hempters product.  I half expected it to be the same consistency as the lip balm - waxy and unusable.  But the Merry Hempsters tattoo lotion actually worked very well.  Very well.  I'm a fan of unscented white lotion for tattoo healing anyway, and this was perfect.  Just thick enough to feel like it was healing and protecting my tattoo but not gooey or film-y.   

Tattoo - resized

mh tattoo lotion 

It almost makes me want to try the lip balm again. Almost!


  1. question, this lotion guy doesn't look like it's on their website. this is what the tattoo aftercare looks like:

    1. Hey Jamillah! Interseting! Mine is exactly as the retail picture I found:

      Definitely the lotion vs the salve. Let me tweet them to see where it is!

      I bought mine at Food Fight but even they don't have it on their site yet:


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