June & July: What I Bought (Wartime Wardrobe Challenge)

{ What is the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge?  Here are all of the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge posts and here is the overview at the start of the Challenge . }

I forgot to give you an update for June so this is a June and July update. (And now I will have Cadallaca's "June n July" in my head all day.  There are worse fates.)

As I was cobbling these photos together and trying to remember what my purchases were, I realized that ideally this monthly post would be similar to a "Wish List" or "Things I Love" list that other bloggers post.  If I'm really doing this right, these are the things (whether fanciful or functional) that I loved enough to buy.  Things that I needed and loved enough to justify their manufacturing and all of its resultant energy-use and waste.  (Or to subsidize it, anyway.)

Shoes:  Kandals, org cotton, made in Spain ($34)
These were a perfect purchase.  Wish I just bought these
from the start vs the other shoes I purchased this year.
Org cotton, fair wages, smell like strawberries - always.


Dress:  Mary Ink Tagua Dress, USA-made ($25)
Pretty good purchase.  US-made dress that's long enough
for me to wear it to work.  I talked to the Mary Ink folks
at Renegade about how they were doing more dye/bleach
stuff but weren't sure how they were going to sell it because
it's not uniform enough to sell online in volume vs individual listings.


Sandals:  reclaimed materials sandals
(cotton textiles, tire treads) from Eco Closet ($38)
I'm not sure if I'd get these again.  They're really comfortable
and I like the contents but I'm not that into their look so
I end up wearing them as my indoor flip-flops.  I just 
liked that someone local was making them from salvaged material.

Sandals - edited

Not counted but purchased:

Jewelry:  With Care Laurel Badge Ring ($60)
No regrets!  This is now my daily ring and I love 
With Care so this was a good buy for me.

With care ring - edited

New Glasses - l.a. Eyeworks, made in Italy (uhmm $400)
Haven't yet had my prescription put in them yet.  I was 
looking for aqua frames but found these giant kelly green
ones in Portland instead and fell in love with them.  Once
I can see out of them, I'll be pretty happy with this purchase.

Glasses vvc - edited

Jewelry:  Vintage Avon Brooch via Etsy ($6 with shipping)
This was on my favorites list on Etsy forever and then it went on
super-cheap sale.  I could live without this brooch, right?  But I 
guess I'm not going to, because I broke down and bought it.  It's
vintage/re-use and it wasn't a lot of money so I figure it will 
get some useon a fall coat or cardigan.  I hope.


Checkout time!

I left out the jewelry and glasses because the Challenge didn't include them on the rationing list. Since I included bags and luggage (which wasn't on the list) and shoes purchased accidentally (and quickly re-homed), I don't feel too badly about that and I think I made ethical choices with the uncounted items across the board.

Here's what I charged myself for June - July 2013 (21 coupons, 3 items purchased):
Shoes (new, org cotton, fair trade):  5 coupons   $34, @ Mooshoes
Dress (new, US-made):  11 coupons   $25, @ Renegade Craft Fair, from Mary Ink
Shoes (salvaged materials, fair trade, locally made):  5 coupons   $38, @ Eco Closet

I guess you could argue the sandals are "reused" because it's all salvaged material but I think some new components were added to the salvaged textiles and tire soles (adhesive, etc) so I'm counting this as a new product.

You can find my previous Wartime Wardrobe Challenge updates here:
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March 2013 Update = 15 Coupons, 3 items purchased total ($246 total)

April 2013 Update = 10 Coupons, 2 items purchased total ($90 total) 

May 2013 Update = 10 Coupons, 3 items purchased total ($100 total)
June & July Update = 21 Coupons, 3 items purchased total ($97 total)


  56 Coupons Total Spent Out of 66 for 2013! 
$575 YTD on apparel & shoes
I only have 10 coupons left for 2013 and I'm now more than half way through the year.  That's 2 coupons per month, if I'm looking at averages.