Vegan style: rainy day outfit

I wore this to:
- work
- get rained on
- see 4 piano Rites of Spring

Clearly this was from last week, when it was raining enough to make every New Yorker whine about the rain.  (Why is it raining?  This is too much rain.  What am I supposed to do with this much rain?  My subway stop is covered in half-urine, half-trash bin soaked water.  Etc.)

It did afford me a tiny silver lining, though.  I got to try out my new rain hat and found it worked pretty well.  It was a weird impulse buy in Portland, inspired by my boyfriend's rain hat purchase.  Beforehand - and even still, now - my response to a rain hat is, like.  "What the feck would I need a rain hat for?"  It turns out it's handy for when I don't really believe it's going to rain so I won't commit to a rain jacket for the day buuuuut still want to hedge my bets by throwing something small and fold-y in my bag that is going to help me keep some rain off of me.

Green dress

Green dress 
jacket, shoes, rain hat / sweatshop
dress / Black Bear Vintage
leggings / American Apparel
necklace / part 2nd Ave Flea & part Brooklyn Charm 

*Brooklyn Charm is part salvaged lot items 
& part sweatshop-seeming new

How ethical is this outfit?  I wish I'd known about the Vaute Couture waxed canvas biker jacket that came out this year in advance because it would have saved me from buying this sweatshop denim version from Urban Outfitters.  The dress is "pre-loved" and the leggings are US-made.  Other than that, the rest is mostly sweatshop and the best I can do is try to get as much use out of the pieces as humanly possible.


  1. It all looks great but your hair especially seemed to like the rain. I like the bangs.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! I suspect it's the addition of Gnarly Whale's surf spray to my hair arsenal but either way - I'll take the compliment! Thanks!

    2. serio, your hair looks so good! it's distracting ;)


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