Vegan style: Florals and The Cult

I know a lot of people hate summer because there is none of that beloved layering going on but since I can barely layer and I'm a Cancerian, I actually quite enjoy summer.

I wore this to:
- mill about town
- work on the weekend & hang out with my office foster cat

shirt/sweatshop shirt from The Cult @ Terminal 5
skirt/vintage, gift from Sunjo
sandals/re-soled sweatshop from 2009!


How ethical is this outfit?  Everything's vegan.  The sandals have longevity on their side, even though I bought them sweatshop.  The skirt is vintage.  The shirt was an impulse buy at a show a few years ago but I do still have it so holding onto it counts for something, right?


  1. Cute! I love easy summer outfits like this. T-shirts and skirts are my go to look for hot weather. xo

  2. You give me envy, I own absolutely no vintage tshirts and I think I need them in my life! I'm going to start looking for some moderately priced ones and eventually flush out all the high street garbage in my drawers.

  3. INTO the cult shirt! it's giving me grade 10 flashbacks in the best way!!!

  4. I've really got to try the juxtaposition of graphic vintage tee and floral skirt, looks perfect on you.


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