Vegan Fashion: Veggie Prom 2013!

I've been traveling quite a bit for work and play this month so I'm tardy on the updates.  I plan to post about Vida Vegan Con and the Dusty Rose Vintage swap in the very near future.  But for now, here is a quickie outfit post from the Veggie Prom.  I missed the prom last year so I was pleased as prom punch to attend this year - especially because it gave me an excuse to wear my sequined pillbox hat.  I get that I live in NYC and any day is a good reason to wear it but come on - you guys know I'm lazy and I need an excuse. 

prom 1 - edited

I am pretty sure that hat is the only reason I got a prize for Most Creative Female (Outfit...I didn't make suggestive balloon animals for anyone there or anything)!  Yay!  It came with a $50 Mooshoes gift card and vegan fudge!

Here is a doofy picture of me with my winnings!

Prom yay

"You like really like me!"

Thanks to the folks who put on the prom - lots o' organizing and sweat equity!  Yet they managed to look cool as cucumbers the night of, and even looked fully functional at a picnic the next afternoon.  (For full disclosure, these are pals of mine.  I didn't stalk them to know that.)  Well done, ladies!

Outfit details:
- vintage pillbox hat = vintage store in Cold Springs
- dress = sweatshop, approx 5 years old
- shoes = Hearts of Darkness / Cri de Coeur, vegan brand, sweatshop-free factory in China
- burgundy clutch = freebie gift with a pair of vintage shoes off Etsy!
- vintage bow pin = some vintage store, 10 years ago?


  1. You looked fabulous! I really need to start wearing some of my vintage hats, I always forget about them.

    1. Oh man, I would love to see your vintage hats! I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Very cute. I love your acceptance photo. hahahahaha.

  3. Good job girl, you look awesome! Very stylin. I'm totally in awe of your classiness.


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