Sea Bags at Portland, Maine Airport

I'm always shocked when I see anything remotely eco-friendly at airports. The fact that the Portland, OR airport composts blows my mind.

So I was surprised to run into Sea Bags at an airport gift shop here in the other Portland - Portland, Maine. Made from recycled sails, the bags seem pretty sturdy. Designed and manufactured in Maine.

I've heard about their bags over the years and not surprisingly, they have some biters who don't have any of the green or decent labor standards behind them making similar-looking items. Buyers, beware!

They seem to be animal-free (made of sails and rope handles only). I didn't see any leather reinforcements although they have some Woolrich collaboration bags that are clearly not vegan.

It was a nice surprise to see stuff made locally in an airport gift shop instead of a bunch of Made in China crap screen-printed with the name of whichever city you're currently in!


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