Outfit Post: Long Skirt, Short Bangs

I wore this to:
Attend a backyard party in New Jerz, my homeland


sunglasses/sweatshop, assumedly
shirt/locally screened, sweatshop shirt, 8? years old
skirt/vintage via vintage booth
tote/first Renegade Craft Fair -2003!, probably screened sweatshop
sandals/re-soled sweatshop

So, what's ethical about this outfit?  

1) It's all vegan

2) A lot of it is old!  Longevity (and laundering) are important components in sustainable fashion

3) The skirt is "re-use" since it was previously owned

4) The sandals were repaired vs thrown away, to the great confusion of my cobbler, who told me, "You have an excuse to go shopping!  It'll cost you almost as much to repair these as a new pair!"  I could only get around this by telling him I looove this pair and I don't want a new pair until they're dead, okay?  The sandals were re-soled in 2010 after I swore I "wore the crap out of them" in 2009.  And yet, they're still here.  It's 2013.

What's not so ethical?  The shirt and tote bag.  I used to buy screen-printed stuff thinking it was "local" without checking where the mass manufactured item was made.  The good news is that at least I hung onto it so it's been used and not discarded.  But if I were buying these items now, I'd make sure to check where the heck the product was made before someone stuck a "local" screen-print on it!


  1. that's awesome about your sandals. I have to do the same thing with a pair of my boots. I'm all about resoling shoes if you can. Also I like your shorter bangs. And the Summer light in your photo.

    1. Thanks, Teeny! I have such a hard time remembering to bring shoes to the cobbler - and even knowing what to ask for - I have to get better at that.

  2. The short bangs are perfection!

    1. Thank you - this is extra special coming from you!

    2. I just still flash back to whomever that idiot stylist was who said you couldn't wear bangs! I recently gave a client short bangs, but a bit more asymmetrical and Audrey Hepburn inspired. Super fun and stylish.


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