I went to Vida Vegan Con 2013 and all I got was this lousy blog post!

Just kidding!  I really meant:  I went to Vida Vegan Con 2013 and all I got was this ridiculously long blog post that is mostly words and will barely hold your attention if you're one of those people who hates reading.

The short summary:  I went to a few helpful workshops at Vida Vegan Con 2013 and took home a swag bag as heavy as I am.  Also met a bunch of fantastic vegans.  And not the kind of "fantastic" you say when you're blowing smoke up someone's butt, either!  Pretty much 0 of the conference was about vegan clothes or accessories.  Any of the relevant manufacturing ethics discussed at the conference on the general ethics panels were nothing we haven't discussed here at length so I am not going to rehash that for you.  (You're welcome.)

The long summary:  workshop learnings, outfit photos and cool vegans I met, below.  Hope you like scrolling.


Most of the workshops I liked were ones my domestic-partner-boyfriend participated in while repping for both SuperVegan and Vegan Drinks.  (Those workshops were:  Vegan Ethics Beyond the Plate, Building Vegan Social Clubs Communities, tech stuff.)  I also enjoyed workshops by non-boyfriend vegans.  For instance, Social Media Stuff by Dawn at Vegan Moxie & Helen Pitlick. And Ryan Patey's group conversation about vegan activists who use racism, sexism, fat-shaming and other gross things to "promote" the vegan message and why we really really shouldn't tolerate that. We shall not have it.

What I learned:

- Get a Facebook page already (not yet but soon) jesse.anne.o Facebook page is here!
- Start posting to Twitter again (resurrected jesseanneo account)
- Continue posting to Instagram (here I am, but keep forgetting to feature blog content)
- Maybe use Pinterest (made account, still haven't touched it)

Outfits of VVC 2013:

Melisser / vintage dress - edited

^ Melisser of Cruelty-free Face ^
all vintage, plus amazing hair

Vvc - eva - edited

^ Eva of Dirty Rotten Vegan ^
People's Liberation jacket, Cons

vvc - sne - edited

vintage dress (her mom's), Melie Bianco bag, Michael Antonio shoes

vvc ami edited

vvc ami edited - bando

^ Ami of Heartshapedsky ^
Vaute Couture dress, Melissa shoes, ban.do heart


^ The Belt of Insufferable Vegan ^
Well, the inside of the belt so I would remember the brand.
This is the 1 piece of vegan men's fashion I have for you.

Vegans I Met & Why I Like Them:

Michelle of Herbivore.  The store.  We spoke a little bit about labor standards for bags (I bought a Missco cross-body bag from Herbivore this trip while at the vegan mini mall) and how challenging finding ethical brands can be.  She would know!

Fat Gay Vegan:  Like me, he also doesn't karaoke and, like me, has a partner who greatly enjoys & excels at karaoke.  He is an accurate and expedient judge of character and I feel validated that he seems to like me.  He also posts a lot of deliciousness on his blog and Instagram.

JL Goes Vegan:  I've been a JL-reader for a while and it was nice to hear about her new book with the super rad Ginny Messina, -- Vegan for Her.  Their site for the book just launched and you can find it at those links.  They will have fashion and makeup in the forums!  Vegan fashion!  Vegan makeup!

Kittee - Cakemaker to the Stars!  I used to read Kittee's online stuff when she was on LiveJournal so I've "known" her off and on for many many years.  It was so nice to meet her in person.  She has the best glasses and is even cuter in person than she is on her blog, if that's remotely possible.

Jean of All Trades:  Since Jean is a fellow vegan outfit blogger who I've been following for a while, it was nice to speak with Jean in real life, like people-people, not internet-people. I did take a picture of the two of us - several, in fact - but they are all blurry.  Hopefully Jean's camera did a better job than my iphone or no one will believe we met.

The Gay Vegans:  Dan is the biggest-hearted person I know.  Ever.  End of story.  It's as if Love and Optimism and Earnestness had a baby.  That baby would be Dan, except he's an adult with all of those qualities, which I previously thought was impossible.

Special Needs (Vegan) Eater:  Okay, I already knew her but I still love her and want to marry her and I don't get to see her all the time.  She is funny yet as professionally-driven as Christina Applegate in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. I think it's fair to include her here because I had no idea she had her own blog until the conference.

Insufferable Vegan:  If laughter is the best medicine, then Insufferable Vegan is cherry cough syrup.  The good kind that is also like drugs and medicine in one.  He wrote a super short post about the conference and had horrible things to say about me.  You'll rue the day, dude.  Rue it.

And that concludes my book report for Vida Vegan Con 2013. 


  1. Excellent write-up! You got great outfit pictures of a few of my favorite stylish bloggers. And to prove we met, I just tweeted a picture of us. I really enjoyed the sessions at the conference but I would have liked a fashion session or two. Maybe next time.

  2. Wow, this looks like so much fun. Were there any non-vegans there? I always feel like it'd be fun to go to something like this (not necessarily vegan, but sure why not vegan), to really learn about a culture and its values, but then I worry people will judge you. Conferences are mostly of course for people in a given field to network and get more intensive knowledge, but I also feel like they would be a really good way to "convert" other folks not so much in the know. For the lack of a better word ;) Thanks for the in depth write-up.

  3. I realize that I am terribly behind on commenting on blogs but HOW DID WE NOT MEET?!! :(


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