Clothing Swap - Dusty Rose Vintage Hosts a Civilized and Classy Swap

There are so many iterations of clothing swaps (friends-only, tickets, stuff on blankets, designer-only cocktails-n-swaps) that you never know quite what you're getting into by attending.  Some are filled with wads of ill-fitting Target basics and others are charming dresses that you can't understand why anyone would let go.

Thankfully, the Dusty Rose Vintage swap was one of the latter.  Dusty Rose Vintage (recently profiled by R29 as a vintage superstar) hosted the swap at her wholesale vintage warehouse space, which will soon be open to the public.  I originally saw a call for volunteers on Mel's blog, une vie geniale , and was glad to lend a hand.  I dropped off a few pieces and I also ended up bringing home a few pieces for myself as well in addition to helping sort and hang the goods.  (Big surprise!)

Dustyrosevintage swap
^ Ladies Swapping! ^

Swap dress
^ newly acquired swap dress ^
It was easy to find a bunch of vegan options.

Dusty Rose Vintage is opening the warehouse for public shopping sometime within the next month or so, so if I were you, I'd keep my eye out for that!  It's a lovely space and it looked like there were some vintage treasures hiding behind the store curtains.


  1. Oh that's cute on you!! Great job, I never fair well at swaps.


    1. Thanks, Kittee! I think it depends on the type of swap for me - I try to be picky about which ones I attend now!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that dress, good score! I've never been to a clothing swap with strangers, looks like fun.

  3. Oh and sorry for the deluge of comments, I'm catching up ;)


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