Outfit: A Horse's Backside

Thank you, everyone, for your responses to my asking whether (and why) you like outfit photos on this blog or blogs in general.  You echoed a lot of the reasons I have for liking outfit photos on others' blogs:  seeing the face that goes with the blog; outfit inspiration; just seeing how people put things together and how clothes look on other people.  It helped me to see it wasn't a total bore to post them occasionally.

In the spirit of mutual outfit photo appreciation, here are some Nashville hotel room shots of my favorite horse sweater, which has been in heavy rotation (resisting...workhorse...pun...fail).  I was jazzed as all get out to find an acrylic and me-sized horse sweater in Pineapple Mint's Etsy shop and probably fist-pumped in celebration when I hit that "buy" button online (not a normal occurrence).  Most of these sweaters are old, wool and not vegan.  (If you don't know why I don't wear wool, it's all here in Dressing Vegan.)

photo 1.JPG

horse sweater - Pineapple Mint Vintage Etsy
black jeggings - thrift store
socks - sweatshop
pleather loafers - vintage via Etsy
scarf - gift from Grandma

photo 2.JPG 

It is a little weird to be taking booty photos of yourself but since that is the only way you're going to see the back of this beast, I guess it's warranted. 


  1. Yup. Perfect sweater. Like how you styled it too.

  2. I just bought a monkey sock scarf at a yard sale. I think it has your name on it. Cotton\acrylic. Shall I mail it?

    1. Woah, if you would not miss it then, yes! :D But I'd hate to take it if you'd use it!?

  3. The sweater looks adorable and i appreciate the idea behind not wearing wool (although i'd never give it up myself) - but acrylic? Almost all acrylic i've come across pills within a few weeks to look quite ratty. Is there some good-quality acrylic which does not pill, or do you just accept the pilling or de-pill it ever few months?

    1. Good question, Rinna! I have purchased a LOT of acrylic that has pilled really badly, especially cheap H&M stuff. I mostly prefer cotton if I can find it but the thicker cable on this sweater seems to help it not pill so far. I think the thinner sweaters I have are the ones that pilled badly. It is definitely a concern, though.

    2. I do hope your sweater stays neat! As far as I understand (without textile industry education), the shorter the acrylic fibres, the worse it pills. But this information is not very useful, since it's not really possible to pull fibers out of a sweater and measure them...


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