Cute Cat Break - Olivia

Currently, a wookie.  Soon to be a lion (after the groomer).


I want to encourage all pet guardians out there to start a pet savings account!  As my guys age, they cost me more and more in vet fees each year and I'm always so grateful I thought ahead and put a specific dollar amount in their account every month.  It's not an infinite amount, but it's enough that I don't need to worry that I will have to compromise their care because I don't have enough money to cover it.

I was inspired to post this because a lady in at the vet's office seemed to be choking back tears and anger while she handed her credit card over to the desk staff with a terse, "I guess I just won't make my car payment this month.  She needs it and I have to pay for it, right?"  People not (or almost not) being able to take care of their animals kind of breaks my damn heart.  

This has nothing to do with an ethical wardrobe, obviously, but just an animal PSA.


  1. I'd consider myself pretty good at managing money, but it never occurred to me to have separate savings for my cats. Good call!

    1. Thank you! Some people with less cats do pet insurance. I find pet insurance restrictive because of all of the clauses and it's a better use of my money to just save well in advance and let (admittedly minimal) compounded interest work in my favor. Also I can be flexible with which cat I need to use the money for.

  2. Olivia looks a lot like my Louise! Such an important little note.


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