Thursday Links: Reshaping, Mascara, and Modcloth surprises me

All (well, some) of the vegan ethical fashion news fit to blog.  If you have something I missed, please leave a comment!

Brands with ethical components:

Urban Outfitters will be carrying a vegan Ghana-made line of cotton apparel and accessories - Della.    "Every dollar earned at Della goes toward providing employment, education and financial stability for poverty-stricken women in Ghana. Our women receive a steady, fair income and are empowered through education via micro-financing, savings and entrepreneurship classes." {via R29}

Pacifica, maker of my favorite solid perfumes, is debuting a mascara.  Will it also be vegan?  I can only hope.

Yes or no, Pacifica? 

Brooklyn Bliss posts about a vegan handbag line, Jill Milan.  The line is made in Italy and gives back to animals by donating to groups involved in rescuing racehorses, saving them from slaughter. I didn't find anything on how "eco" the brand is, though.

Re-use or DIY:

Portia reshapes a big shirt and floppy pants from the thrift store into a cute outfit in under 2 hours.  A nice idea for some of those closet orphans.

Annnd, that's all I got on DIY.

Everything else!

Lucy Siegle critiqued how H&M's sustainability report stacks up, as did Jess of Empty Emptor, here.  Conversely, R29 gave them a glowing review in their slideshow, here.

I heard some sad stories about Earth Day events (here's one from Sayward) and some rumors that the NYC Earth Day event at the Javitz Center was ironically handing out a bunch of free sample schlock.  Two thumbs down to both.  That's four thumbs down, if you're counting.

Also NYC Earth Day related --  Eco-chick did a write up on the Green Eileen effort featured at the Javitz Center event.  The Green Eileen effort is Eileen Fisher getting get their brand's clothing back to offer it for sale, used, at several Green Eileen stores.  (What's in it for the giver-upper?  $5 credit towards new Eileen Fisher stuff and a tax credit.)  Curious to see how this works out for Eileen Fisher and whether other brands want to do this...besides Patagonia, who already does this, I think.  {note: this is not a vegan effort, obviously, but some of their apparel is suitable for vegans}


People Tree dress

Annnnd somehow Modcloth surprised me with the number of semi-decent vegan/eco offerings, considering their regular stable of BB Dakota and considering it's all new apparel and accessories.  Who knew they carried Mata Traders?  Or People Tree?  Or Baggu?  Granted, a lot of what they list is just there because it's re-usable (mugs, plain canvas bags) and not because they're made sustainably but, overall, Modcloth had more sustainable brands than I would have thought.  There's still a lot of fancy-sounding "Imported" for area of origin without any nod to labor conditions but there are some options that do highlight labor positively.  {note: the Hasbeens seemed to be the only leather in the bunch and I didn't see any silk or wool but please do check the Details tab before you buy.} 


  1. oooo i love pacifica! i hope we carry the mascara in our store! (and i hope it's vegan). i use teh gabriel brand right now, their whole line is vegan and works well.

    1. I haven't tried any Gabriel stuff but now I'm curious to try it! I hope the Pacifica is vegan, too (obvs). Right now I'm still using Urban Decay but would like to have a better option, not owned by a company that tests on animals.

  2. Thanks for linking to me! I checked with Jill Milan on your eco question, and although their products use all eco-friendly materials they are hesitant to announce so considering their products are made overseas in Italy. So in short from a materials perspective, yes they are green but considering the fuel and costs to move the product around they won't market themselves as being green.


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