This was never a good idea.

My weekend went fabulously.  I pondered bloggers' ubiquitous use of whilst, had some BBQ'd veggie dogs, pet some real dogs, bought a vegan cherry pie and walked a lot (10 miles).  In celebration of Value Village's half off sale this Sunday, I hit up not only Value Village but three other thrift or resale places.

Not only was it moderate exercise, with all that walking between stores, but I got comic relief in the form of vintage.  With this being the zenith:  AN OIL RIG APPLIQUE MIDI SKIRT.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

When -- ever -- was an oil rig applique a good idea?  Also, interesting applique placement.

(Thanks goes to my friend Stephanie for finding this one!)


  1. Replies
    1. Right? I struggle to think of an occasion where this would be fitting?

  2. Thank you for this skirt photo. I needed something to make me smile today. So weird! xo

  3. Did you buy it?!
    If so, I will buy it off of you when the novelty is over!!!

    1. No, but if you really want it, I'm happy to go back and get it for you. You might have to do some taking in of the seams though.

    2. OMG. Thank you for the offer but I really shouldn't. I told my mother that I would stop buying things just because they are ridiculous.

  4. YES. I do not understand it. Perhaps it was designed for some kind of oil magnates club? Wives of oil magnates club?


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