Wartime Wardrobe Updates - February 2013

In January 2013, I started participating in the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge, put forth by Little House in Town and The Double Life of Mrs M.  In short, it's a clothes-rationing project focused on ethical consumption.  Factoring in ecological and labor standards, items are assigned a "price" (i.e. 2 coupons, 4 coupons, no coupons) and you spend up to your maximum of 66 coupons for the year.  Obviously the nastier the item is for workers and/or the environment, the more coupons you lose.

My interest in participating in this challenge is that it gives me a novel way to track my purchases and offers a re-framing of consumption habits.  I think it's interesting that when all people were buying less, it made a certain baseline level of consumption the norm and therefore it wasn't seen as impossible or weird.  However, nowadays, there is a huge culture of consumption and I find it funny (and sad...and frightening...and interesting) that we have to invent projects or challenges in order to buck the current social climate of consumption.  It is now an event to consume differently.

Well, this one will be short.  I bought no wardrobe items in February.  My coupon tally stands at zero.  I was hoping this would happen but it's only February so I'm going to try not to get cocky about it.  ("Yeeeeah, sustainable fashion.  Who owns you?")


 0 spent out of 66

Part of it is that I've been too busy to even bother going into a store.  The other part of it is that I haven't finished altering some of my current clothing (tailoring, dying) and I'm not interested in getting more because right now I don't need more.  I'm all set.  I'd rather work on what I have.

So I have no wardrobe pictures for you but I have cats!  Here are Oona and O'timothy.

Oona y Tim

You can find my previous Wartime Wardrobe Challenge updates here:

January 2013 Update = 0 Coupons, 2 items purchased ($42 total for 2013)


  1. Wow! Zero points. Well done. I'm not doing horribly, but not great either. I'll have to post an update soon. I've used 24 point already! Yikes! I felt better when I realized that if I use them all, I can still buy things, I just have to donate to charitable causes.

  2. Wow. You rock girl. Do you mind if I post about this project and your involvement in it sometime next week? I have clothes/shopping related post in the works. Happy Spring!

    1. Hey lady! Of course I wouldn't mind - I'd be honored! Happy Spring to you also! Your nature pictures are killing me lately.


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