What is ramie?

When I attended the Vaute Couture show last week, I was surprised to see some of the material listed as "ramie" in the show's program since I'd always seen ramie listed in conjunction with wool - ramie wool.  Flummoxed, I hit the internet for an answer and it turns out that ramie is actually a plant.

It is often blended with wool, which is why you see "ramie wool" or "wool ramie" on clothing labels. It turns out ramie is also blended with cotton (although my short-term memory tells me it has never seen that on a label).

Did you guys know this?  Am I the only one who thought ramie was related to wool?

{photo via wikipedia}

Where wool comes from:
lumpy from CAS
Catskills Farm Animal Sanctuary


  1. That's funny, I've always seen it mixed with cotton and didn't think it was related to wool. At least now you won't miss out on the the ramie clothes! Not that I own any??

    1. I can't recall ever seeing that - that's so strange!

  2. Yes! i thought Ramie was a type of sheep!

    1. Thank you for making me feel not so weird, Teeny!

  3. Lumpy has exceptionally cute little hooves.


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