Vaute Couture - F/W 2013: Fashion with Ethics!

As promised earlier, here are the Vaute Couture NYFW shots.  Vaute Couture is an innovative, eco-friendly vegan brand with fair labor practices.  Initially I was going to detail each outfit because Leanne helped create some crazy high-tech vegan fabrics used in her line but it was so overwhelming that it was too much detail, even for me and I'm a nitpicky Type A personality.

So just know that it's a mix of:
- organic cotton
- 100% recycled and closed loop/zero waste satin
- organic cotton sherpa
- waxed canvas made upstate
- bamboo jersey
- ramie knits *
- vegan leather made of recycled fibers from Ultrasuede
- made in NYC's Fashion District or Maine (knits)

And with that, I'll kick off the show pictures with an awesome quote from Leanne, who is such a rockstar that I can't even stand it:

"To understand what is wrong with wool, silk and down is to understand how industry production operates.  Any time a material is industrialized, it is scaled to lower costs and increased profits.  This is why animals do not belong in business - their needs as living, breathing beings have no room in a scaled production process...Fashion is not amoral, nor is business.  And as much as the industry might like to think it is exempt, the rules of ethics still apply to the artists and business of apparel, and how we affect the world - good or bad - through production and use of our creations is very real to the earth, people and animals involved."

purple pair

purple jacket and gray ski cap pair

short emily and white pockets

blue shirt blonde jeggings

white heart dress

blue pants outfit

gray jumper

vaute letterman outfit

vaute letterman sweater

biker outfit black

blue star coat

star coat detail

white dog guy and overalls pair 

meow or never close up


  1. oh my gosh, I don't usually get all gushy over new things but THAT MOTORCYCLE JACKET from waxed canvas oh my! Thanks for the coverage, this seems like a really good company.

    1. I thought that was a nice one, too! I know, it's so hard for me to get excited over new stuff, let alone new clothing lines but I am excited that she was able to incorporate so much of what I believe in into such a nice package.


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