Thursday Nooner: Liiiiiinks

Hey, people interested in ethical fashion stuff!  (You are awesome!)  Here are the links I found this week that might help you fulfill your ethical fashion dreams (okay, mostly DIYs) or just inspire you because there are some truly ruling people on this earth.


  • I am jealous of Franish's DIY jacket with piping.  By hand!  I always like these contrasting piping jackets @ GAP and UO but I never want to buy them (obvs).  But I can get behind this DIY and have ambitions of copying it one day. 

  • Another DIY - Kate of Scathingly Brilliant has a cat face shoe DIY over on Kittenhood. I could even see this DIY covering scuff marks and extending the life of your favorite flats.  I suppose you could just follow the same instructions for a contrasting toe cap, too, if you need to be more professional boring.

  • Yay for Refinery29 posting "10 Ethical Beauty Brands That Are Completely Cruelty-Free" -- But!  They mention that they look for brands without any animal by-products, but not all of their brand listings are exclusively vegan (so I'm not sure what they meant by no animal by-products).  For example, Lush has many vegan animal-free products but also some milk/beeswax/etc-laden products, too.  I swear to god I'm not trying to piss in their Cheerios.  I feel like every time they do something animal-friendly I'm all, "Yeah but not quite."  But I just can't help myself.