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First and foremost, Julia at A L'Allure Garconniere posted Fashion Blogging Culture: Demanding Substance Over Style recently and it's a mandatory read.  A nice "outside-looking-in" perspective about why people blog, why a lot of blogs look the same and how the Big C fits into all of it.  I'll let you guess what the C is (comments? c/o? capitalism? conversations?)  As usual, I find myself fist-pumping as I read Julia's blog post - especially when she asks what makes a blog successful and asks where all of the dialogue has gone.

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...wait, why are you still here?  Go read Fashion Blogging Culture:  Demanding Substance Over Style.  Done?  Okay, here are the other internet points of interest for me lately:


Fashion Me Green has a list of 5 spring/summer vegan shoes (if you need new summer shoes; some of which are from ethically-made companies)

Eli of I Spy, Thrift Eye posts about Tatty Devine's new DIY jewelry book; I've been trying to figure out how to make alterations to some of the stuff I have with a set of newly acquired jewelry pliers and a few packets of jump rings but could stand to learn more.  So far I've learned that the wire cutters in my set aren't pliers.

A Beautiful Mess has a shoe DIY that might help you reinvent tired canvas flats, giving them a little more life before they end up in a landfill.

So, Zo interviews of my favorite refashioners out there, Miss P - of all the refashion folks I see doing their thing, Zoe and Miss P are the two who make the classiest, most put-together items I've ever seen and I envy their skills.  (If you read any of the refashion blogs, you know there is a lot of patchworkin' hodgepodge stuff happening and that is just really not my aesthetic so I am always really chuffed to see these ladies refashion.)


  1. Substance over style, indeed! I've long since given up on fashion blogs (aside from Already Pretty, and I have qualms about that one, too). It DOES so often turn into "Look at all my pretty stuff!" and either sponsor-baiting or sponsor-flaunting... I love personal style, but it's hard to find anyone I relate to or whose ethics and values or anything like mine.

    That's why I'm here, come to think of it. You have your own style, values, and a good sense of humor. I mostly stick with blogs because I get attached to personalities... and you can't get attached to the ones that auctioned off their personality a long time ago.

    Man, gotta get off this high horse and into bed!

  2. The book seriously has been my saving grace, glad you liked the post :) A while back I made rings and gave them to my friends, but I had used some glue only a teensy bit better than Krazy Glue and then they told me the stones fell off a few days later,so embarrassing! The book told me which kind of industrial glue works best!!

  3. Me again. The Cri de Coeur "Rebel" boot has finally fallen into my price range. How do/did you like yours? How well did they hold up?

    1. Hey lady! Thank you for the kind words above!

      Re the Rebel - I wear mine only occasionally. The bottoms are flat hard plastic and I haven't had the cobbler "rubberize" them yet so they are not slippery when it rains - and I also wear arch support inserts in them to keep them comfortable. They are of the pleather that might get smudges on it if the shoes rub together but overall mine have kept in decent shape. I keep wearing my OTBP canvas combat boots instead this year because the rubber tire-tread sole is more comfortable and has more grip. So I think it depends on a) how comfortable you are with flat hard shoe bottoms, b) how much support/cushion you need and c) how much you have the issue where your shoes might scuff together when you're walking (I seem to have this issue with my inner heels and the inside toes - I don't know how that happens but I must walk extra special)!

      Some of the CDC/HOD stuff from this past season had nicer, more flexible rubberish bottoms that I like a lot better than the hard plastic. (The Bounce and Slim flats I have as well as the Mod flats.)

    2. Good information! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh Jesse! Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad to know I share the blogosphere with stylish critical folks like you. I totally write with people like you in mind, and it means to the world to me when you leave thoughtful comments and share links. Thank you!

  5. Excellent link! I'm very pleased to have read it and I enjoy your blog very much. I'm trying to buy way less and more ethical than ever before after a series of life changing events and it has been really challenging to find ethical shops where I live (Chile) but I'm persevering because once you know how the fast fashion system works you can't really continue taking part of it, or at least that's what happened to me.
    I've also talked about the changes I've seen of fashion blogging, from a sort of subversive outlet of genuine people into a bunch of homogenous blogs that are similar to the glossy magazines, too bad but as long as people write blogs like yours or a la garconiiere there is hope!


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