Happy Blahlentine's Day!

Somehow I am under the weather again (man, germs just hit you when you're down sometimes), so I will present life in better days.  Just a few days ago.

I learned that it's hard to be awesome at sledding.  The sled just does what it wants and you are a semi-willing participant.  And this is the only chance I ever got, as a New Yorker, to pose with Ed Koch.

Ed Koch
down-free coat:  Spiewak
acrylic fingerless mittens:  swap
scarf:  gift
other gloves:  boyfriend's
boots & sled:  sweatshop
hat:  new Thinsulate from thrift store

And then I stole this picture from Sunjo Over the Moon, who hosted her own adorable Galentines Day Party.  She is in a vintage apron so you should go look at her blog.

And with that, I wish you a happy Valentine's, Galentine's and Blahentine's Day!


  1. Happy, I guess I kinda missed it day! Valentine's day is kind of a non-holiday out here. I like the idea of Galentine's day tho. To awesome lady friends!

  2. Unrelated and Possibly Invasive Question: Jesse, is your significant other vegan or vegetarian? If yes, was he veg before you met? If no, how do you work around your differences?

    It was Ian who originally persuaded me to go vegetarian, then vegan, and now he's neither. So I'm curious.

    1. Hey lady! I still have yet to mail your package! This week, I swear! I have held off on sampling the balm you sent me until I get your package in the mail!

      So, re my partner - my dude is vegan and has been vegan since before we met so it has (refreshingly) not been an issue for the past 4 years.

      In the past, I've dated people who were "vegetarian" but would eat turkey for Thanksgiving or when a guest at dinner so as not to seem rude...and also ate fish. With that relationship, we cooked and ate together enough that we just made everything vegan and sometimes she might have a side of something I didn't eat and similar with eating out. Most of the time we wanted to share two dishes vs ordering separately so she just ate vegan most of the time so I didn't really have very many logistical hurdles (we didn't live together). Philosophically, however, it was touchy at times. I had a hard time relating to the "some meat, some time is okay" thing (obviously) and it became very very clear that our values were not in alignment there. It's always interesting to me when that happens because in my mind to just follow along and concede to eat an animal's body due to social graces is so strange to me. And my beliefs are SO strong in this area that I recall once telling my omnivore friend that on a deep and not-snarky level, my heart feels like people who eat "unexamined" meat (meat they don't know) are akin to folks who are aware of child abuse that goes on in a family and they do nothing to protect the children. It's a really hard place to have a different set of values, honestly, and it's really had to reconcile. But I do know that my friends and former partners are good people who care about other things and their perspective hasn't yet had this door opened in a way that's meaningful to them. (Or if they had, it's been able to be closed due to an overwhelming majority of folks participating in it...and it being a very easy environment to fall into, unquestioned.)

      In short, it kind of breaks my heart for the animals but I try to understand that not everyone sees those animals and validates their lives as their own the way I hope I do. And a lot of those conversations were ones we had once or twice and then I just had to let go of...it wasn't going to help anyone. I am also imperfect - my cats eat meat as I'm too afraid to feed them a vegan diet (they've got health issues already, one of them gets recurring UTIs if she even eats dry food and I don't know one person who has fed 100% vegan cat food without issues). But - yet - I haven't euthanized them all to save the farm animals they consume daily and that's a GIANT disconnect.

      I'm not sure if that's what you wanted but that's what popped up when I read your questions!

  3. So glad to have you as my Galentine! :)


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