Are you a small-sized kitten lover? This skirt is for you!

I'm sorry but I cannot get over this kitten skirt Sally Jane Vintage is selling.  Can you even guess how many kittens are on that skirt?  (The animal-nerd in me is thinking it's probably a good skirt for spay/neuter outreach.  "Look, cat owner!  If you don't have your cat fixed, this skirt is going to happen all up in your house!")

Since I'm a cat lady in real-life (and not just on the internet), I generally try to avoid wearing cat stuff so I'm not buying it.  (Although I do have this.)  I mean, I talk about cats basically every day so wearing this and talking about cats every day is probably too much of a double whammy.


  1. I'm really into the idea of you the skirt being used to deter people from falling into Crazy Cat Person territory. Yet allowing them to indulge the saner side, with cat-themed clothing items.


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