At least thrice today I've seen emails in my inbox or blog posts on my reader that tell me I am missing MUST HAVES.  Things that are WORTH SPLURGING ON.  Things I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.  They will HELP ME SURVIVE.  {insert deadpan *squee*}

This is a daily occurrence.  I know all savvy advice recommends that you unsubscribe to every blog or email service that would proclaim such things to you - but you really see it everywhere, every day in some form or another anyway.  (Also, I quite like Refinery 29 otherwise.)


(this one was more amusing than enticing)

And the sad thing is, sometimes I do look at that content.  I want to know what, exactly, I'm miraculously living without.  I want to know what others think is "worth" splurging on.  It makes me curious and I look.  And even if I frame it as an anthropological experiment, half the times I consider something they are promoting hyperbolically.

Pathetically, it's more challenging than I usually admit to be true to my own needs and to keep track of my wants - so that I might buy the things I love most, instead of a pair of kelly green rain boots that are on someone's WORTH SPLURGING ON list. 

What is it that I
will love,
will use,
think is made with good values,
think is low impact,
know is in line with my budget

And the key word there is I.  I know we are all exposed to so much daily, and are influenced by so much, that it's impossible to have taste and values unaffected by others.  But it's truly a struggle to find a middle road and I'm influenced by others more than I care to admit - or probably realize.  And sometimes I just need to remember that.


  1. God. How have I been living without a luxury sleep mask. Tying a bandana over your eyes, execution style, is for poor people! (This is what I was writing when your message came in.)

  2. I'm getting so fed up with all the email alerts and pop-ups and pushes to consume, too... I can shop on my own, damnit! Or not!

  3. I am easily influenced as well, but it's countered by my severe frugality. I hate spending money. I don't just not like it, I hate it. I also hate advertisements. I would make a horrible ad man. I work retail and lately it seems that people want me to tell them what to buy and I get so friggin uncomfortable. Get what you like or get nothing at all, I personally don't care! Now, a really cute outfit on my favorite blog that highlights a pair of shoes or a watch, those make me go for the website. I still probably won't buy the item, but it gets me thinking about it more...

  4. I too read and like Refinery29 and had similar eye roll at this particular past.
    The push-to-buy that particularly rankle me are by "beauty" companies that identify (i.e. create) an aesthetic "problem" that I must solve by purchasing their new product.

  5. So true! I just had a baby, and I still feel influenced by things I "must have" to survive, look chic, or have because it's one of the "basics" - then I feel immediately guilty. Then again, every once in awhile - "must haves" sure make a girl feel good.


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