January: I wore this stuff

It's that time again - when I check in with y'all to see how ethical my wardrobe is lately.  Winter is not conducive to outfit pictures or outfits, for that matter, so there's slim pickings for all of January.  (And winter light necessitates iphone photo filters; cross-processing uber alles.)

Overall it's a collection of:
some good brands (Good Guys, Maggie's Organics),
a few sweatshop items,
"lesser-evil" brands like American Apparel
{All vegan of course.}

I wore this to:  attend a work event

Everyone asked me where this damn dress was from and
I answered with the sweatshop store from which it originated.
Next time I'll just say I don't remember.

dress:  sweatshop
tights:  Maggie's Organics
shoes:  Hearts of Darkness / Cri de Coeur

I wore this to:  work

This was my version of Lady Hobbit with the cozy sweater vest.  This floral button-down is still too big for me (surprise!) so it headed to a swap last Sunday.

The lighting was weird so you're welcome for the Technicolor Dreamboat filter.  I actually wish my life looked like this for real.

edited - hobbit vest

photo 4.JPG

sweater vest:  thrift store somewhere
button down:  Housing Works
pants:  thrift store somewhere
socks:  sweatshop
vintage pleather loafers: Etsy

I wore this to:  bum around on the weekend

I look like a cast extra for a corny zombie show.  Pale to the nth.  But at least I got to wear my new skull+waves pin, which is work-inappropriate but otherwise life-appropriate.

Sad fact:  I tried to use computer trickery to put more color in my face but I just couldn't go through with it.

sweater:  Beacon's Closet
t-shirt:  American Apparel
jeans:  sweatshop
shoes:  Good Guys
socks:  Maggie's Organics
pin (and below)Wandering Genie on Etsy

Jeanne brooch

I wore this to:  work

My version of "office-appropriate" probably doesn't fly everywhere and actually, probably doesn't even fly at my office.  But there it is anyway.

photo 1.JPG
jacket:  sweatshop, but over 5+ years old
shirt:  thrift store somewhere
pants:  sweatshop
organic canvas boots w/tire tread soles: OTBP

So we say goodbye to that pink floral shirt above.  Since the size is off I can only recall wearing it once -- when it was the ladylike part of my Lady Vegan Colonel Sanders outfit:

vegan col sanders


  1. You make sweatshop look great!

  2. Super cute outfits, especially the adorable bow blouse/skirt in the last photo. I agree- winter is no good for outfits in general. I have no qualms about wearing the same sweater over thermal underwear over jeans just about every day. Ugh.
    Let's get together soon!


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