Hair: Low Impact Style

Hair.  The (almost) no impact way to manifest some style.

Clothes are an easy way to carry a specific style but I forget non-clothing style cues exist.  I believe you can dress the world in a standard issue black t-shirt and jeans and you would still be able to tell each person's style by the choice of their shoes and how they wear their hair.

That said, I'm also really lazy about hair.  I get annoyed with hair in my face and never quite mastered the sock bun as the panacea combo of style + hair out of your face.  (Also:  shamepuff.)  I am not into hair products and the most I'll usually use is a serum or conditioning texturizer.  (I understand I just sounded like a Valley Girl but I speak the truth and I'm sorry that stuff comes with weird Valley Girl nomenclature.)

Still, I have been chiding myself to figure out a few hairstyles even I can do - ones that actually look like something. So I made myself stand in front of the mirror to come up with a hairstyle that is vaguely beehive-y and so easy I can execute it in under 5 minutes.



And I was planning on telling you how it's done but then - lucky, lazy me -  I ran into a tutorial that is exactly what I do, right down to the type of hairspray except that I throw my hair in a clip vs putting it in a pony.  Uncanny.  And so helpful.  (If I need a 5-minute hairstyle in my life, imagine the resolve I'd need to write a tutorial for you.)

I left the house in an American Apparel t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, Good Guys on my feet and I felt sufficiently presentable.

A can of hairspray that lasts me months if not a year is likely less impact on the earth than new clothes I'd buy out of style monotony, right?  Is hair product a better trade-off for catering to our quest for novelty than clothes?

Hair-havers:  How much attention do you pay to your hair?  Got any favorite hairstyles I might steal?


  1. "I believe you can dress the world in a standard issue black t-shirt and jeans and you would still be able to tell each person's style by the choice of their shoes and how they wear their hair."

    Agreed! And the vaguely-beehive look suits you beautifully.

    Have you ever tried a Gibson tuck or French twist? They're both simple and take less than five minutes, plus you've already got any necessary equipment.

    Hair is the bane of my existence, so I keep winding up with buzz cuts. I got a trim and short bangs last week, so I currently look like a very, very poor man's Amelie. Part of me likes it, and part of me can't take the cutesy-ness.

  2. Your teased updo looks awesome. I basically hate my hair all the time, except right after I cut it and the first three days after I wash it (I wash my hair with cheap shampoo once a week now). It's not as super greasy between washings as it once was, but I really need a hair cut and look like a crazy person at times.

  3. Love the hair style. And you want to talk lazy? I keep my hair short out of laziness. Long hair is a lot of work! I usually don't pay it much mind until recently when I decided to go blonde. And then go back. Never coloring it again!

  4. ummmm..... what is this "" you speak of? and why am I just hearing of it? Because it is, like... beautiful perfection. I can't believe my internal monologue started a journal and didn't tell me.

    The demi-hive is a good look for you. I really like throwing up some victory rolls but I think they have a weird ability to be kind of unflattering and matronly. My fine, wispy hair was in its glory during the wacky razor cut/fauxhawk era of the early 2000s. Lately, I've found shelter in snapping in a 20" weave and corralling everything into 2 long braids.

  5. I love everything about this hairstyle! It looks put together but lived in at the same time. Effort was made, but it feels effortless. But not sloppy or thoughtless either. I've been loving seeing some kind of "undone" braids (make the braid then pull at it to deconstruct it a bit). And I'm always a fan of a slightly high, sleek ponytail. Not 80s workout high, but like Kathleen Hanna high.

  6. Your hair looks nice. I generally just part mine on the side or maybe pin my bangs + a section of hair down the middle of my head (kind of like this, but as perfect-looking:


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