Down and Out

I took a shower today!  Wait, don't I take a shower every day?  Yes, usually.  But I've had the flu so I haven't trusted myself to successfully crawl to the shower and not accidentally drown myself the past few days.  So today is a banner day in Jesse O. Land --- celebrate!

Now that I've regained my expert status in showering, I'm trying to come up with creative solutions to stop my nose from falling off, due to my flu ending with a cold-like congestion.  I've been slathering on good ol' Ultrabalm to help avoid the gross redness.  (This is probably not how Lush wants Ultrabalm presented to potential customers but too bad.)  Prognosis:  promising.


There is a way to get noses to stop running, right?  Caulk?


  1. When my schnozz is chapped, I paste it back together with my usual lip balm.

    Congratulations on feeling healthy enough to shower! That's big.

  2. feel better! when i first saw the pic, i though you were applying cuticle cream. things are looking up already!

  3. Hope that you're feeling better! And that no caulk was involved.


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