Outfit: Goody Two Shoes

Unfortunately I spent more money. Fortunately, I love the shoes I got so I don't care.  The only caveat is that I bought so impulsively that I didn't double-check labor practices.  I've emailed the company to find out retroactively.  I know, I know.**

{**I contacted Good Guys and they answered quickly - 
the shoes are made in Portugal with decent labor standards 
and they regularly visit the manufacturer.  Yay!}

I wore this to:
do so many errands,
friend's birthday party

* what's ethical here? vintage shirt & pins, all vegan, 
US-made (skirt), fair trade made (Maggie's)


shirt/Buffalo Exchange
skirt/American Apparel
tights/Maggie's Organics
shoes/Good Guys (vegan line, labor TBD)
collar pins/vintage

26606-skadeb1 good guys
shoes / Good Guys


  1. Wow, those shoes are pretty great. Hopefully labor standards come through. The soles are fantastic, I bet they could take a beating.

  2. I like the deer brooch. The shoes look great to your outfit.

  3. ooooooooooooooh i like those shoes! And the collar deer pins on plaid. You're cute man!


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