Holiday Shopping FOR Vegans: Day 5 - Jewelry

I promise that this isn't a hint that I want people to buy me holiday presents -- I thought I'd offer a cheat sheet on how to approach holiday gifts for the vegans in your life. I've certainly had several confused friends and relatives when it comes to what I do and don't use as a vegan and I've had people shopping for other vegans ask me what to avoid so I figured a little overview might be helpful for those non-vegans (aka "civilians") who are shopping for my people (aka "vegans"). Don't worry, Civilians, I've also included some recommendations so you don't have to do a ton of extra work. 

This will be a 5-day series and on Friday a post with links to all will be posted! 

Questions? Suggestions? Comment away.

Jewelry is, thankfully, pretty easy as far as veganity goes.  You're avoiding:  mother-of-pearl, bones, real animal shell, embedded leather, feathers and certainly ivory and fur trim.  Also leather cords for necklaces and bracelets.  (Most tortoiseshell is synthetic these days but if you're shopping vintage, that might still be an issue.)  If there are fibers in the jewelry you're looking at (see the first example below), you'll want to ensure they're not wool blend, silk or leather.

Even though this area is pretty easy (as long as you know someone's style - which is much harder), here are some examples.

wood necklace
boho wood necklace @ nadene
handmade, vegan line
(some of her found objects are bone
though so I'd avoid those)

with care pocket knives
with care pocket knife necklace
I've written about With Care before as
it's one of my favorites
(not an exclusively vegan line
but many options!)


^ Little Woolf by Wendy Brandes ^
I've had this little guy on my "wants" list
for a while - by gorgeous blogger Wendy Brandes
(I also love that WendyB refers to all other
bloggers as "gorgeous blogger so-and-so"...
so I couldn't resist using her own prefix, 
although of course it's completely true)

wrap-around fox ring, handmade in Denver
out of US copper and sterling silver



both the bunny cuff & owl mother & child necklace
made by mamaslittlebabies in No. California

{a lot of vegans don't like animal exploitation
motifs so fighting animals or animals for entertainment
aka circus or zoo are likely off limits, like this one}

Speaking of:  Proclamations of Veganism! When you start poking around some of the vegan-specific sites, you'll see there's a lot of vegan message wear, proclaiming the wearer/user to be vegan. Your mileage may vary with these items, depending on your vegan. I know it seems like all us vegans do is talk about being vegan. BUT I don't usually like to wear this stuff and if I do, I'm super picky about it - but other vegans are different people. All I'm saying is just know that not every vegan likes this stuff, even though it's made specifically for us!

However, if you know your vegan likes vegan message wear, here are some lovely options.

by enbal on etsy


Christy Robinson is one of the first jewelry sellers
I've seen focus on animals rights issues and
veganism and I think she does a nice job
on a lot of her pieces - addressing many
issues affecting animals and providing
accessible, cute jewelry.

Phew!  That brings us to the end of Day 5 and the week of Holiday Shopping FOR Vegans.  If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please pop over to the comment box below and thanks for reading along.  If you're still shopping for a holiday present, good luck!

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