Holiday Shopping FOR Vegans: Day 3 - Bath & Body...and Makeup, too

I promise that this isn't a hint that I want people to buy me holiday presents -- I thought I'd offer a cheat sheet on how to approach holiday gifts for the vegans in your life. I've certainly had several confused friends and relatives when it comes to what I do and don't use as a vegan and I've had people shopping for other vegans ask me what to avoid so I figured a little overview might be helpful for those non-vegans (aka "civilians") who are shopping for my people (aka "vegans"). Don't worry, Civilians, I've also included some recommendations so you don't have to do a ton of extra work. 

This will be a 5-day series and on Friday a post with links to all will be posted! 

Questions? Suggestions? Comment away.

Bath & Body Stuff (and Makeup, too!)

You have two things to look for in this category - vegan ingredients and whether the company is free of animal testing. Since there are a billion non-vegan ingredients that often appear in this stuff, I'm just going to outline some easy vegan options below!

Lip Balms
It's surprisingly hard to get a beeswax-free lip balm but here are a few options! If you are looking on your own, note that beeswax is not vegan and avoid lanolin as well.

this Etsy seller lists vegan items only 
Buttercream and Chocolate Orange are smell-azing! 

the name is awful, the balm is delightful
(Peacekeeper is not exclusively vegan)
 eco peacekeeper

exclusively vegan brand
American Apparel  usually carries these at the register! 

Crazy Rumors
all vegan brand
usually has cute holiday gift sets

Ecolips is not exclusively vegan
Bee-Free balm is sometimes found at Whole Foods
(and at MooShoes if you're in NYC)


Some of the brands mentioned below also have lip stuff:  Lush, Soapwalla, 100% Pure (those links all go directly to their vegan lip stuff)

Soaps, Moisturizers and Bath Sets: 

Soapwalla - Soapwalla is one of those smaller sellers I found via Etsy who have blown up; I see good cheer about Soapwalla all o'er the internet.  And I love Rachel's stuff so much that I don't even resent it.  While I am the biggest fan of her deodorant cream, I've tried some of her other stuff in person at a holiday fair last year.  Soapwalla is an all vegan seller -- creams, soaps, lip balms, oils and gift sets!  There's a Soapwalla open house this Sunday, 12/22 from 1-4pm in Brooklyn if you're local (232 Third Street, Ste B304, Brooklyn).

soapwalla almond luxe gift package

Lush - Lush is not an exclusively vegan brand but they label all of their vegan products and have a vegan option in almost every single area. They also have bubbly customer service, who are more than happy to walk you through the store to assemble a vegan gift set for someone.  Lush stores are present in the US and a large number of other countries.

Some of my vegan Lush favorites are: 



smells sandalwood-ish but rules the school


100% Pure is an all vegan brand that is commonly found at drugstores.  I've tried a few of their product samples in stores (lip tints, moisturizers) but haven't yet had the opportunity to try them regularly.  I'm including them here because a) they seemed of decent quality, b) they are vegan and cruelty-free and c) they are a pretty accessible brand out in local stores.  However, I have no item recommendations for you, specifically, except the tint I tried.  Thanks to Ms. Jaunty in the comments, we learned that 100% Pure is not always vegan although they label the brand as such.  So let's take this one off the table!  I wanted to leave this in here in case others didn't know that as well!


Makeup, Brushes, Nail Polish:

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) carries lip tar, loose eye shadow pigments, face makeup and nail polish.  Perhaps OCC is best known for their lip tar but they have a ridiculous number of colors of everything so I can't imagine someone not liking something out of their offerings.

OCC's Harlot lip tar
the same lip tar I'm wearing in these Fashion's Night Out photos



For Sephora-carried brands, both Urban Decay and Tarte are non-vegan brands that carry some vegan products.  (Urban Decay labels which products are vegan within their Sephora display but Tarte just provides a list online.  Of note is that Urban Decay was bought out by L'Oreal, a company that tests on animals but Urban Decay maintains that they, as a brand, will remain animal-testing free.  Some vegans are more comfortable with this than others.)

Lush's Emotional Brilliance line is mostly vegan
(labeled vegan where appropriate)

Makeup brushes (animal hair-free) are available from:
100% Pure
Urban Decay
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
{all links above direct to their brush/tools sections}

Hopefully that was helpful as you embark on your last minute shopping for the vegans on your list.

Other suggestions?  Questions?  Put them in the comments.

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  1. LOOK OUT FOR 100% PURE. I'd say only a quarter of it is vegan.

    Thanks for sharing this series, Jesse. I think a lot of people don't realize how long all that writing, editing, linking and photo-finding can take.

    1. Oh noooo. I will never understand why people misuse "vegan" like that. As soon as I'm not on my iPhone I'll edit the post to reflect that warning. Thank you, lady!

  2. And the anonymous spam comes rolling in. I feel responsible. I think there are Blogger-compatible spam filters, aside from the dreaded blurry letters.

    1. Oh please, no worries. It actually caught most of them - it just let that one through. I will poke around for spam filters down the line but I'm not all that concerned about them - they're pretty easy to sort and delete! I'd rather everyone be able to comment than to limit comments!

  3. Thank you for doing all of the research - it is obviously a topic you are very passionate about and it shows in your work. I may just have to purchase that buttercream lipbalm. It looks amazing.


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