Holiday Shopping FOR Vegans - ALL OF IT!

Below you'll find links to the 5 days of vegan holiday gift guides -- offered up because I've had people shopping for other vegans ask me what to avoid.  Hopefully the overview was helpful for non-vegans and vegans, alike (aka "everyone").

Since I was providing a crib sheet for people who want to buy presents for others, I didn't delve into some of the topics I did in last year's in-theory "gift guide" --  buying useful things you know people need or want, buying comestibles and donating in people's names.

I also didn't address vintage or re-use in this year's gift guides but if your recipient is likely an environmentalist or vintage-lover, that's another great way to look at options for presents.

I did try to highlight where items featured in the gift guides were made with fair labor standards or if they had a specific reduced environmental impact.

All of the "Holiday Shopping FOR Vegans" posts:

Today I received a gift from a colleague - a donation to Farm Sanctuary in my name.  The card it came with has a pig running in the snow and frankly, I got a little teary thinking about my time spent with the Farm Sanctuary NY pigs and how thoughtful and touching it was that my coworker made this gift because she knows my feelings about them and the other animals there, like Meg.  (Why am I telling you this?  To convince folks who might think donations in someone's name are weird gifts that it's not weird at all.  If your person is passionate about something - it just might be the best gift they receive.)

On that sappy note, happy holidays if you're still celebrating and happy new year if I don't get a chance to wish you happy 2013 later on!



  1. Love the gift guides. So happy you highlighted donations to charitable organizations -- I love receiving those types of gifts. Happy holidays and happy new year (and peace for all creatures!) xo Jen

  2. Merry Xmas this is a wonderfully helpful guide x

  3. That was a really thoughtful and sweet gift you received. Clearly your coworker knows you well :) I have a couple of strict vegan/ethical friends and I always like to ask them what they'd like or I end up giving them vegan friendly treats or cookbooks!


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