I experience: airbrushed foundation

Did I mention that I'm going to be in a magazine in a few months?  How it came about had nothing to do with this blog, but my job did have a teeny part in it (aka "entirely responsible").  I won't mention anything else about it because I don't think I'm supposed to but here are some generic studio pictures of the day.  (Clearly pre-Sandy.)

In just a few moments I'd be on that side of the room, with 3 lighting assistants and a photographer who was frustrated I didn't have anything "crazy" do to when she asked me "to do something crazy."

so much lighting


hair, make-up & manicure


elevator:  Baby Jane make-up selfie


seriously best cat-eye that's been on my face ever

That's all!  

It was awkward and weird to get fitted into wardrobe items with binder clips and pins.  (I did ask that they only provide vegan clothing items for me and they did, although they asked that I bring some backup attire just in case but we didn't need it.)

And it was weird to have my foundation airbrushed on (I imagined the Memorex commercial but it was merely a slightly chilly breeze on your face). 

And to have my nails done as I was getting my hair volumized. 

Actually, having my nails done while my hair was being volumized was the only one I'd want as a daily occurrence. 


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about it

  2. Wow! That's crazy! It sounds super fun and interesting, can't wait to see the shoot photos.

  3. Sounds fun, can't wait to see the photos!


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