Sandy's Aftermath

Well, I certainly didn't intend for that much of a blog break.  But sometimes little things get in the way of babbling about ethical fashion on the internet.  I hope you're all doing well despite Sandy's best intentions. 

I was lucky enough to have shopped at the food co-op in advance of the need-bread-need-water rampage.  I was also lucky enough to have served a 12-hour shift at a command center when the storm hit NYC, keeping tabs on animals in emergency shelters.  If I didn't get to do things like that, I'd just be watching the destruction unfold, feeling helpless and depressed.  (Thank you, job!)  Hoping for quick rescues for those left behind.  Speaking of...

If anyone in NYC had to leave their pets behind, they should call 347-573-1561 to let animal rescue teams know so their pets can be rescued!

All of my friends and their indoor pets are safe and it sounds like most of the feral cat colonies my contacts manage are doing fairly well, considering.  Even the Atlantic City boardwalk ferals!

How are you and your loved ones?

Here I am on a pre-Sandy stroll hours before the storm started:

before sandy 2 - EDITED
jacket, scarf, jeans, cardi & shoes:  sweatshop
American Apparel purple heathered tee
acrylic fingerless gloves/clothing swap

And here is where we realized sh!t was getting serious.  We wandered into the Brooklyn Museum parking lot.  This is just 1/4th of the parking lot, stuffed to the gills with various police and emergency vehicles...and TANKS.


I know every person with a heart is already doing this, but just another nudge to help out those in need at this time.  Local emergency shelters need volunteers, wish list supplies and money to help keep the food and supplies coming.  Don't forget your sheltered animals, too! 


  1. That's a great jacket! Good to hear you and yours made it through the storm.

  2. I'm glad you are safe and staying sane/busy in these crazy times. My mum kept calling to make sure we were safe. I had to explain that just because Indiana is in the Eastern time zone, doesn't mean we experience the same weather.

  3. So glad you are safe, sounds like a terrifying time.

  4. A wonderful outfit shot. Tanks would give me pause too and it's great to know that you passed the storm doing something so worthwhile.

  5. Love the jacket, especially paired with the animal print scarf. Cute! Hope you're staying warm in the city - I hear it's snowing!

  6. So glad you're safe! After Sandy hit, I went to your blog for updates and was worried. Especially because of the ferals you look after. Even in a "normal" storm, I think of all the animals out in the elements and hope they found a safe place. I hope the cats you're helping are okay.


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