Outfit: A Uniform Friday

Dudes.  A hearty thanks to you folks who replied to my "Am I crazy for buying all this shit?" (aka Your Thoughts:  What the Right Clothes Mean to You) post.  This blog has the best readers, who don't apologize for writing more than two sentences of thought and that rules.  You also all gave me a lot to think about from different perspectives and for that I'm grateful.

Carrying the topic of "staples" from that thread, I only took one outfit picture this week and it consists of what I'd consider wardrobe staples.  A uniform.

pin/vintage, thrift store
cardigan/American Apparel
studded shirt/sweatshop, worn 50 times at least
denim/sweatshop but repaired when the zipper broke
pleather oxfords/sweatshop

In terms of ethical fashion, this outfit has:
  • US-labor
  • repeat wears (cardigan, jeans, shirt)
  • repair (zipper on the denim - I almost forgot you could do this and thought about getting rid of them)
  • re-use in the vintage pin
  • and of course it's vegan, no animal hides nor hairs (I can't 100% vouch for the shoe glue)
Not too shabby.


  1. Pretty much my uniform too. I basically wear skinny jeans every single day now. Works best with biking. I'm still waiting on my freakin' Chelsea boots though. Is this what I get for buying used shoes?


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