Outfit: Cats, Dogs, Rats

Things are still pretty bad in areas of NJ/NYC and I'm finding it challenging to not want to volunteer every hour.  Still waiting for word on several hundred feral cats we helped fix this past year (on an island hit badly) in terms of what help they'll need. 

Given what I know my agency (and others) are doing on the animal front, I'm feeling okay to hold back for the next few days.  (I've already donated supplies and volunteered.)  I normally have at least 3 animal projects going on at one time (and they haven't gone away) and I'm a chronic over-committer so it's a struggle to not feel like I have to volunteer every waking hour and forget I'm a person in regular life, let alone times like this.     

Bleeding-heart Type-A justifications now made, we made it to MoMA's The Century of the Child before it closed for a few hours this Sunday.

I wore this to make my way over there and run into this at the Lever House courtyard.  I used to work in this area and I miss the Lever House courtyard and the usable outdoor space in midtown east. 

rat fink
jacket, jeans, flannel - sweatshop
bag - vintage via Etsy
shoes - Everyday Apparel
*as always, all vegan

I know the clothes look remarkably similar to the last post -- really, the bronze union rat was my main motivation for posting this picture.  I'll break out of this fall uniform soon enough but hopefully not for all black-in-mourning ensembles post-election.


  1. "but hopefully not for all black-in-mourning ensembles post-election." - most of us down here in the Antipodes share your sentiment. fingers crossed. and love your bag.

  2. No no, hopefully no wearing black in mourning. Glad you are doing well, don't compassion yourself out.


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