Happy Turkeys Are Awesome Day (featuring vegan turkey cheeseball)

Happy holidays, folks!  I hope all of you are having a thankful day aligned with your values!  I will be holing up in Brooklyn for a chillaxing vegan Thanksgiving - it will be my second Thanksgiving dinner of the month since Sunjo (who never updates her blog any more, damnit!) hosted a vegan potluck this past week, where I had about 700 servings of mac n' cheese and corn pudding.

I'm stealing a picture Sunjo took to use here but it's the only photo I have of this - I made a vegan turkey cheese ball!

Cheese ball

What the %#$@ is that, you ask?  Good question.

Herbed vegan cream cheese with an almond sliver shell topped off with pretzel/cracker/carrot tail feathers and a construction paper face! 

Last year we did olive and cream cheese penguins.  And for Halloween this year we did mummy not-dogs.  I pretty much channel a '50s housewife/kindergarten teacher when considering appetizer options.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and I'll leave you with a picture of a turkey checking out his dinner at Farm Sanctuary's Celebration FOR the Turkeys!  How cool is that dude?  (The turkey...but I guess the kid is okay, too.)


  1. Wow! That cheeseball is awesome. I will have to remember that for next year

  2. I love that cheeseball! I've also seen some veggie trays arranged to look like a turkey. Next year, more turkey-shaped foods (that aren't turkeys)! :)

  3. I love thae idea of a turkey-shaped "cheese" ball! I had a vegan Thanksgiving potluck with friends on Thursday and on Saturday I went to a celebration *for* the turkeys at Pasado's and ate another amazing vegan (5-course) meal. Full and cruelty-free :)

  4. Hope you had a fantastic ThanksVegan weekend!

  5. sounds delightful and delicious!


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