Brooklynites: Housing Works Buy-the-Bag Warehouse on 28th Street

Greenwood Heights is getting a Housing Works Buy-the-Bag Warehouse!  As some of you know, this is my former 'hood so I'm happy for it.  You go, Glen Coco Greenwood Heights! 

I still haven't made it to a Buy-the-Bag thrift sale.  Unless you count the church thrift sale in New Jersey I wandered into once twenty years ago.  I got a lot of Rosmind du Jardin '50s teen novels that day.  It was a good day.  But I don't count that because it's not my most beloved - clothes.

A big ol' thank you to Racked for bringing us the good news and also for "letting" me lift this picture of the new space below.

Re-use is so important in terms of ethical wardrobes.  What is the likelihood that everything we buy will fit exactly right and be loved forever?  Or that every item from every store will be sold by the time its stint on the clearance rack is over?  It's nearly impossible.  

I try to only buy what I think I'll use.  But if I buy something I don't get a lot of use out of...and I brainstorm new ways to wear it and come up empty, I do pass things off to swaps/thrifts/resale.  This ensures it doesn't end up unused or, worse, in our piles at the dump - to rot away slowly in a landfill, a useless waste. 

The horror of horrors is that some people just throw clothes in the trash.  (Seriously, even if you have old sweatpants - they can go to textile recycling*.  Please do not throw this stuff in the trash.  Do. Not!)  Places like Housing Works (and Beacon's Closet, and swaps, etc) give these misfits a chance to shine in someone else's life.  

{*Providing your locale has textile recycling.  Does it?  NYC does but I know we're special.  Not as special as San Francisco but kind of close.}


  1. My new motto is "Buy good things and own them a long time." I want to buy less, but have what I buy be used (or made in USA). I don't know if we have textile recycling here. Probably not. They barely have regular recycling here.


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