Sorry, Little Outfit Post (or Sorry Little Outfit Post)

I'm finally treading water again and have the leisure time to waste online.  Sweet.  Not surprisingly, when I was like, rilly rilly busy with work, I did not have time to document apparel.  Nor would it have been a pretty sight.

We have these two, though.

Also, in the past few weeks I ran a 10k without training, starting going to a personal trainer, made mummy not-dog appetizers for Sunjo's* zombie birthday party, spent some time on a prison island for a cat project, and experienced my first hot pot restaurant and my second Spanish class.  I still can't really say much in Spanish so don't ask.  (However, please let me know if you read any good Spanish blogs.)

I wore this to:  work

"dress" via Urban Renewal (UO)
shoes/Everyday Apparel

I wore this to:  work, work-related event

skirt/American Apparel
tights/Maggie's Organics
shoes/vintage black loafers via Etsy

* I know, she never blogs any more but I'm going to link her anyway in the hopes she'll return!


  1. ooooooh, i am loving your dress. I looked all winter for one just like it, but to no avail. Before you know it, you'll be rilly rilly busy again, so bust out some posts lady.

  2. Mmm... Mummy not dogs sound good. I might need to try those soon.

  3. yeah for having a bit of time to call your own again.

  4. tee hee, i read the post title as if you were patting the post on the head saying, "sorry you little outfit post".

    love the dress and i had never heard of everyday apparel, must check them out.

  5. I love the dress from Urban Renewal. I have seen lots of nice stuff on the website but never got round to giving them a try.

  6. Both great looks, I'm particularly fond of the floral dress. Why yes, Eastern Parkway is a long stretch but I'm sure we live fairly close to each other.


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