Friday's Ethical Vegan Fashion Links

I don't usually do a link feature any more even though I used to end each post with a link round-up when I first starting blogging...but I'm feeling like sharing lately.

  • Ceri writes about New Look, who are surprisingly taking both animal welfare and workers' conditions into account while being "high street".  Looking into their animal welfare policy, it's got what sounds like well-intentioned efforts in using animal products within their apparel lines but it's really difficult to monitor sourcing so I'd be very curious to read how they go about that.  (Sorry, I know I'm not one of those people who can just be like, "Yay, they have an animal welfare policy!"  I am happy they have it and I'm thrilled Ceri introduced me to it!  But it's also true that I am the nerd that reads and dissects the policies for any loopholes.  I'm also a stickler for transparency and not humane-washing animal product usage.  Same for "eco" and "sustainable" stuff - it's just how I roll.)

  • The Discerning Brute profiles a report on leather - which talks about how crappy the leather industry is to workers AND the environment.  AND, of course, animals.

  • Via R29, Jeffrey Campbell's new season of vegan shoes {slideshow}

 A sampling of the Jeffrey Campbell vegan line; 
 photos below from Convert, the retail site:


  1. Hey, lady. This is great. You are always reppin' for low-impact on all fronts attire, and I love it. We also just did a piece about this at Vegucated. We don't go as much in to the sweatshop aspect of things, and focus more on where to find leather, down, etc alternatives, but your readers may find it helpful.

  2. Thanks for including me in your link round up. I agree it is so difficult to work out the real meaning behind policies and I think you can often tell more by what they don't say than what they do say. I am quite encouraged by New Look in general and ethical consumer do rate them highly, although I haven't looked into their animal welfare policy in a lot of detail.


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