Temporary Insanity: Vaute Couture

If I were a less selfish blogger, I would have alerted you that Vaute Couture's pre-orders were posted already.  Pre-orders are when you can pay a discounted price to order based off a picture - you get the coat later on and it helps fund the production of the coats.

I had already put in a pre-order for this really adorable full-skirted Lori (below) at the Vegan Fashion's Night Out event.  I do have a first season black Vaute Coat already but it'd be nice to have another dressy coat to put in rotation.  Also, they're made out of recycled materials, in NYC and Leanne's Vaute Couture is a company I'm really happy to support.

vc lori

Then, at the event, the moto-inspired Emily was on the model and I kept thinking about it and thinking about it.  Finally, I allowed myself to put in a second pre-order.  (The Emily, black luxe.)  There is no way I need three coats but I did it anyway.  It was harder to talk myself out of when I like the company so much!

vc emily


  1. Man, I think I need the Belden. I wish there were more pictures of it, though. But since I am monkey-armed, I wish they included sleeve length for ladies' coats. (Why only for men? Ladies need long armed love, too).

  2. I did check out those beautiful coats. What I want is something exactly like the simple red pre-gan coat I have now. The search is still on.

  3. Wow! The Emily coat is ah-mazing! I can't wait to see pictures of you in it.

  4. As the Starks would say: Winter is coming. I just ordered the EMILY coat. Gorgeous.


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