FNO: Vegan Version

As a curmudgeon and aspirational "ethical consumer" I have already whined about how NY Fashion Week means nothing to me.  However, I am not above showing up at some ethical fashion events for Fashion's Night Out with the ladies.

The first quickly over-crowded event was at Mooshoes - for Vegan's Fashion's Night Out.  It filled up within oh, 4 minutes but luckily I got there early and saw everyone's stuff before it was wall-to-wall vegans.  Since I've already written about Vaute Couture, Cri de Coeur, Neuaura and Matt & Nat before, I'll just focus on what I thought was the star of the evening - Love is Mighty.

At first I was all, "Oh, I love a metallic flat."  And then I found out they are made out of candy wrappers.  (!)  Not to diss the arts-n-craftsy re-use contingent but there is nothing attractive to me about woven 1/2" strips of Capri Sun wrappers.  These, however, are f'n covert recycling and look like cute shoes that people who wear cute shoes wear.

vegan fashion's night out

Here are the heels on the truly kickass gams of 
vegan marshmallow legend Sara (of Sweet & Sara):

vegan fashion's night out

Then the event turned into this and we left:

vegan fashion's night out

On to the second event.
Sunjo and I got our lip tar on at 

vegan fashion's night out

Harlot lip tar, Exhibit A:

red lippie

Harlot lip tar, Exhibit B:

vegan fashion's night out

I missed the Sea Shepard and Textile Arts Center events because there was just no way to make them all in the same evening but I'm glad there were so many great options this year.  If anyone sees reviews of either of those events, please comment.  I would love to see some recaps and live vicariously through others.


  1. Lovin' the lip tar and as always your reviews of the vegan sellers. Was the vegan night the same as FNO?

  2. Oh I'm glad you went! I've been looking for a true review of how Love is Mighty shoes look like in person! I completely think the transformation of craftsy situation to fun sparkly shoe looks awesome in pics glad to hear you were impressed by them in person.

    I went to Textile Arts Center and it was a really good event, I loved the brands there so it was an easy choice for where I wanted to go this year although I'm a big fan of Cri di Coeur and wish I had the ambition to do both events.

    My recap will probably be on the weaker side b/c my battery was running so low on my camera, but I did buy something AWESOME from state the label that I can't wait to share. Will shoot you a note when it's up.


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