Wee Gato Negro

Look at this cross I had to bear!  Seeing 9 tiny black kittens and I couldn't leave with even one of them!  (The inn is at max capacity.) 

Black cats are my favorite specifically because they're the least often adopted in shelters.  It blows my mind. What is cuter than a tiny black bundle of fuzz?  What's more sleek or stately later on than an adult black cat?

I know, this had nothing to do with clothes but who can concentrate on clothes when kittens are around?


  1. Babies!! One day at work I was lamenting having light haired cats while I lint rolled myself. My coworker said I should have bought a black cat to go with my wardrobe.

    1. I probably haven't mentioned this but the ONE cat I actually adopted on purpose, through a rescue group, was a black cat and I was specifically looking for a black cat for that very reason. (My 1st rescue was black, too, and I didn't want 2 different colors of cat hair in the apartment.) Unfortunately I was adopting her right around October and the woman at the rescue asked me 50 billion questions as to why I wanted a black cat near that certain time of the year. It didn't even occur to me that they would be watching out for bad people adopting for suspicious reasons around holidays!

      Anyway, 5 of my 6 cats are black.

  2. Back when I went to a shelter to adopt a cat, I said to myself, "I'm not getting a black cat just because I feel bad for them not getting adopted as much". But of course I ended up getting a black cat, because he had the best personality. So now they're my favorite as well. I've also heard they're unusually smart and more social than other cats.


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